Our experience covers hanging lining paper and patterned vinyls in either standard or industrial as well as blown vinyls such as Anaglypta and Fresco.




Preparation is key to any successful job, no more so than painting. It is important to use the correct materials for the job required. We use materials of the highest quality as our profession demands, as I have said to many customers: "I buy whats in the tin, you buy what's on the tin".


Using water based as well as oil based paints, with finishes in either satin, gloss or eggshell, the result is always of a high standard.


Wood staining


There are many different types of wood stains on the market. We can choose the correct type whether it is water based, oil based or low or high build finish. Colour is also a factor, as the colour and type of timber will determine which stain to use. Over the years I have learnt how and where best to use them.