Exterior Walls


Masonry paints come in smooth / textured oil or water based form and in a wide range of colours. They can be rolled, brushed or sprayed. Preparation is key to any exterior decoration for a long lasting finish and ultimately a happy customer.


Due to safety requirements, scaffolding is often used for safe exterior working and this can be built in to the estimate. We use a highly reputable scaffolding company and take the utmost care and we take the safety of the workforce very seriously.


Exterior woodwork


Looking after the exterior of your property is paramount and it's the one area that is often left untouched. Windows, doors, facia boards and soffits are prone to heavy weathering from the sun, wind, snow and rain. If they are not maintained regularly (every 3 to 5 years), they can rot and lead to expensive repairs or even replacement.


Using Bob Cadec, you could have an exterior finish that will not only protect your exterior woodwork but also keep its looks.